03/30/18 Good Friday Service of Tenebrae

The Tenebrae service (“service of shadows”) dates back to the 12th century. Tonight, through scripture, song, and symbols of growing darkness, we serve as witnesses to Jesus’ final hours.

Call to Worship
Unison Prayer
Hymn: “O Lord, Hear My Prayer”

The Passion of Our Lord

Jesus in the Garden
Scripture Reading: Matthew 26:36-46
Hymn: “Stay with Me”

Judas’ Betrayal
Scripture Reading: Luke 22:47-53
Hymn: “Lamb of God”

Peter’s Denial
Scripture Reading: Luke 22:54-62
Hymn: “Ah, Holy Jesus”

Jesus before Pilate
Scripture Reading: Luke 23:13-16, 18-25
Hymn: “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”

The Crucifixion
Scripture Reading: John 19:16b-25
Duet: “Mary, Did You Know”  Ashley and Raegan Reed

Jesus’ Death
Scripture Reading: Luke 23:44-49
Hymn:  “What Wondrous Love Is This?”

Burial in the Tomb
Scripture Reading: Matthew 27:57-61
Hymn: “Were You There”


Depart in darkness and silence.