I’m New!

Who are the people of Zion UMC? Learn who we are here.

What time should I arrive?
We begin in the sanctuary with community announcements at 10:25, and the service itself starts after that.

How long is the service?
Our services last about an hour.

What should I wear?
You’ll find a range of styles here—from jeans and shorts to suits and ties.  Wear what you’reare comfortable in, and you’ll fit right in!

What do you offer for my children?
Children are always welcome during all or any part of the worship service—wiggles, giggles, and all!  Coloring books and crayons are available for use during worship. We look forward to helping your child learn about worship by being in worship! However, if you prefer, you can also choose to use our beautiful children’s area off the narthex, complete with a window and speaker so adults can continue to worship in a place that’s comfortable for all.

Children are also welcome to help leading in worship.  Let the pastor know if you and your child, or your teenager, would like to light the candles, hand out bulletins, take up the offering, sing with our song leaders, read scripture, and so on.

The United Methodist Church practices “open Communion,” which means the table is open to all, including children of any age, baptized or not. Please feel free to bring your children with you for Communion.

Where do I go?
Worship takes place in the sanctuary. Come up the outside stairs to the front doors, or use the east door to access our chair lift. From the parking lot, turn left at the bottom of the stairs. Go straight through the fellowship hall to the stairs. The sanctuary is also accessible via the ramp; please alert the pastor or a member to open the ramp door for you.

The rest rooms are located on the basement level. From the west parking lot door, go down the stairs, and turn left. The women’s restroom is on the right; the light switch is to the left of the door on the hallway wall.  For the men’s room, turn right into the hallway opening and bear left.  Accessible restrooms are located in the pre-school area on the sanctuary level.

Where should I park?
There is parking available on both the east and west sides of the building.  (Parking on the east side is angle parking.)

Is the building handicapped accessible?
The narthex, sanctuary, church offices, and preschool with accessible restrooms are accessible by the chairlift at the east entrance and by the ramp on the west side of the building.

What should I expect during the service?
Our worship style is very down-to-earth.  We sing both traditional hymns and more contemporary songs, with laypeople leading us in our singing and accompanying us on the piano.  A printed bulletin will guide you through the service, and all lyrics and Scripture are projected onto a screen.

At various points in the service, the congregation is invited to stand if they are able, but this is not mandatory.

We serve Communion on the first Sunday of every month, as well as on other holy days throughout the year.  All are invited to the table.

Who can take Communion?
Anyone!  Jesus is the host of the table, and (as in all United Methodist churches) all are invited!  This includes people who are members of our church, another church, or no church, baptized or not. Children are welcome as well.

Currently we are serving individual pieces of bread from a tray and individual cups of grape juice. When invited, please come forward to receive the elements.  A common response after receiving is “Amen.” If you are unable or do not wish to come forward, let an usher know and you will be served in your seat.

When concerns about COVID abate, we may return to serving and receiving by “intinction,” which means that we come to the front, are given a piece of bread from the common loaf, and dip it into a common cup before eating.

Do you collect an offering?
Yes. We believe our offering is a reflection of our gratitude for God’s blessings and a sign of our continued growth in discipleship, so we collect a weekly offering as well as special offerings to aid those in need locally, nationally, and internationally.  Members give in a variety of ways and on a variety of schedules, so you might notice that not everyone puts something in the offering plate each week. No one is required to place anything in the offering plate, but if your gratitude for God’s blessings move you to give, your offering will be used to continue the many ministries of Zion UMC.

Do I have to be a member to participate in small groups and other events?
No!  All our events and small groups are open to everyone.

How do I join?
When you decide the time is right to “make it official,” let the pastor know of your interest.

How can we find you or contact you?
We’re in the heart of Whitehouse! Find directions and contact info here.