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11/11/18  “Unless God Builds It . . .”

11/04/18  “Unbound”  (All Saints Sunday)

10/28/18  “Breaking Down the Walls”

10/21/18  “Come As You Are But Not To Stay As You Are” (Ron Myers)

10/14/18 “Back to Basics: Mission and Service”

10/07/18  “Back to Basics: The Church”

09/30/18  “Back to Basics: The New Birth”

09/23/18  “Back to Basics: Grace”

09/16/18  “Back to Basics: (In) This I Believe”

09/09/18  (Guest Preacher)

09/02/18  (Guest Preacher)

08/26/18  “Journey Through James: Strength In Numbers”

08/19/18  “Journey Through James: Peace-able”

08/12/18  “Journey Through James: Word Power”

08/05/18  “Journey Through James: Show Me”

07/29/18  “Journey Through James: True Religion”

07/22/18  “You Do It”

07/15/18  “Life Stories”

07/08/18  “Other-hood: Other Sheep”

07/01/18  “Other-hood: Other Sides”

06/24/18  “Other-hood: Other Boats”

06/17/18  “Growing Season”

06/10/18  “Jars of Clay”

06/03/18  “Jesus Rules”

05/27/18  Guest Preacher

05/20/18  (Pentecost)  “The Force Is With You”

05/1318  “Zion Rocks, Part 2”

05/06/18  “Zion Rocks”

04/29/18  “The Joyful Christian: Joy”

04/22/18  “The Joyful Christian: Laughter”

04/15/18  “The Joyful Christian: Humor”

04/08/18 (Holy Humor Sunday)  “A Laughing Matter”

04/01/18 (Easter)  “Foolish Hearts”

04/01/18 (Easter Sunrise)  “Joyous Hearts”

03/30/18 (Good Friday)  “Desolate Hearts” Service of Tenebrae

03/29/18 (Maundy Thursday) “Hungry Hearts”

03/25/18 (Palm Sunday)  “Divided Hearts”

03/18/18   “Tattooed Hearts”

03/11/18   “Healed Hearts”

03/04/18   “Obedient Hearts”

02/25/18   “Tempted Hearts”

02/18/18   “Teachable Hearts”

02/14/18    “From the Heart” 

02/11/18    “Listen to Him”

02/04/18    “Call and Response: Samuel”

01/28/18    “Call and Response: Jonah”

01/21/18    “Call and Response: Zebedee”

01/14/18     “Call and Response: Philip and Nathanael”

01/07/18     (guest preacher)

12/31/17      “Another Road”

12/24/17      “Do You See What I See?”  (Christmas Eve)

12/24/17       “Christmas Through the Eyes of a Shepherd”  (4th Sunday of Advent)

12/17/17      “Christmas Through the Eyes of Elizabeth”  (3rd Sunday of Advent)

12/10/17      “Christmas Through the Eyes of John the Baptist”  (2nd Sunday of Advent)

12/03/17      “Christmas Through the Eyes of Isaiah”  (1st Sunday of Advent)

11/26/17      “Save the Shoes”

11/12/17      “Keep Awake”

11/05/17      “Beloved”

10/29/17      “Sharing Our Selves”

10/22/17      “Pass It On”

10/15/17      “Chosen, Royal, Holy”

10/08/17      “The Labor of Love”

10/01/17      “The Future of a Place Called Zion”

09/24/17      “A Joyful Place Called Zion”

09/17/17      “An Unshakeable Place Called Zion”

09/10/17      “A Fruitful Place Called Zion”

09/03/17      “Getting Behind Jesus

08/27/17      “What’s in a Name?

08/20/17      (guest preacher)

08/13/17      (guest preacher)

08/06/17     “Blessed Through the Struggle”

07/30/17     “Freed for Love”

07/23/17     “Freed for Hope”

07/16/17     “Freed from Death (for Life)”

07/09/17     “Freed from Sin”

07/02/17     “True Freedom”

06/25/17     “Open Hands”