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1/29/23  “Those Who Can”

1/22/23  “The Divine Disrupter”

01/15/23  “Do You See What I See?”

01/08/23  “Jesus’ Priestly Ordination”  (Ron Myers, Certified Lay Speaker)

01/01/23 (Epiphany Sunday)  “Round Trip”

12/25/22 (Christmas Day) “Partridge in a Pear Tree”

12/24/22 (Christmas Eve)  “Come In”

12/18/22 (4th Sunday of Advent)  “A Love Story”

12/11/22 (3rd Sunday of Advent)  “Sparks of Joy”

12/04/22 (2nd Sunday of Advent) “From Truth Springs Hope”

11/27/22 (1st Sunday of Advent) “Imagine Peace”

11/23/22 (Thanksgiving Eve)  “Gathered Together”

11/20/22  “On That Day”

11/13/22  “Blessed by Grace”

11/6/22  “Take Courage”

10/30/22  “First Things First”

10/23/22  “Poured Out”

10/16/22  “Love Letters”

10/09/22  “Pharaoh’s Twelve Chances”  (Ron Myers, Certified Lay Speaker)

10/02/22  “Fresh Bread”

09/25/22 “Wheat and Weeds”

09/18/22  “Who’s Your Master?”

09/11/22  “Uncharted Territory”

09/04/22 “Bible Or Not? Sent Out”

08/28/22 “Bible or Not: Who’s Watching Whom?”

08/21/22  “Bible or Not: Repairers of the Breach”

08/14/22  “Bible or Not? Root Word”

08/07/21 “Bible or Not? Help Yourself

07/31/22 “Bible or Not? “Mysterious Ways”

07/24/22 (Christmas in July)  “The Power of ‘Is'”

07/17/22  “Gift List”

07/10/22  We Need a Little Christmas”

07/03/22  “Living With Wisdom”

06/26/22  “The Things We Say”

06/19/22  “Listen to Your Father”

06/12/22 “Delight-full”

06/05/22 (Pentecost Sunday)  “Antidote for Fear”

05/29/22  Guest Preacher

05/22/22  “The Disciples Whom Jesus Loves”

05/15/22  “Follow Me”

05/08/22  “The Other Right Side”

05/01/22  “Believing Thomas”

04/24/22  “Jesus Keeps His Promises”

04/17/22 (Easter Sunday)  “Tell All This”

04/14/22 (Holy/Maundy Thursday)  “Steps to the Upper Room”

04/10/22  (Palm/Passion Sunday)  “12-Step Faith: Shout Out”

04/03/22  “12-Step Faith: Constant Contact”

03/27/22  “12-Step Faith: Making Amends”

03/20/22  “12-Step Faith: Good for the Soul”

03/13/22  “12-Step Faith: Power Source”

03/06/22  “12-Step Faith: Taking Stock”

03/02/22  (Ash Wednesday)  “Wash your Hands”

02/27/22  “Love your Enemies”

02/20/22  “Love Languages: Acts of Service”

02/13/22  “Love Languages: Quality Time”

02/06/22  “Love Languages: Gifts”

01/30/22  “Love Languages: Touch”

01/23/22  “Love Languages: Affirming Words”

01/16/22  “Are You Ready for Love?”

01/09/22 “Discord, Loss, and Peace” (Ron Myers, Guest Preacher)

01/02/22  “Growing Up with Jesus”

12/26/21 “Never-Ending Christmas”

12/24/21  “Wonder Filled”

12/19/21  “The Wonder of Love”

12/12/21  Guest Preacher

12/05/21  “The Wonder of Joy”

11/28/21  “The Wonder of Peace”

11/21/21  “Present, Past, Future”

11/14/21  “Interpreting the Signs”

11/7/21  “Prayers of the Saints”

10/31/21  “All Treats, No Tricks”

10/24/21  “Redeemer” (Ruth Part 4)

10/17/21 “Who Are You?” (Ruth Part 3)

10/10/21  “Providence and Provision” (Ruth Part 2)

10/03/21  “Reversals” (Ruth Part 1)

09/26/21  ““Embracing the Children”

09/19/21  “Words of Life”

09/12/21  “Running the Race”

09/05/21  “Sacred Work”

08/29/21  “Super-Sized Hope”

08/22/21  “A Future With Hope”

08/15/21  “Standing In the Need of Prayer”

08/08/21  “Repentant, Reshaped, Redeemed” 

08/01/21  “Life Themes”

07/25/21  Guest preacher

07/18/21  “Passing By”

07/11/21  “Table Talk”

07/04/21  Zion joined Hope UMC for their special “Faith in America” service.

06/27/21  “Obedience School: Care and Feeding”

06/20/21  “Obedience School: Fetch”

06/13/21  “Obedience School: Heel”

06/06/21 “Obedience School: Come, Sit, Stay”

05/30/21 (Trinity Sunday)  “Condemnation and Restoration”

05/23/21 (Pentecost)  “Clothed With Power”

05/16/21  “Blessed”

05/09/21  Guest Preacher

05/02/21 “Easter People: Philip and Simon”

04/25/21  “Easter People: Stephen”

04/18/21  “Easter People: Barnabas”

04/11/21  “Easter People: Matthias”

04/04/21  (Easter Sunday)  “The Last Word”

04/01/21 (Maundy Thursday) “Foolish Things”

03/28/21 (Palm Sunday)  “God Save Us”

03/21/21  “Name-Calling”

03/14/21  “Sower, Soil, Seed”

03/07/21 “Raised to Serve”

02/28/21 “Seeing Clearly”

02/21/21 “Peace in the Wilderness”

02/17/21 (Ash Wednesday) “Reconciliation”

02/14/21  “Strong and Courageous”

02/07/21  “Holy Ground”

01/31/21  “Shibboleth”

01/24/21  “Shouting and Weeping (at the Same Time)”

01/17/21 “The Men Caught in Hypocrisy”

01/03/21  “Endings and Beginnings”

12/27/20 “Guided by the Spirit”

12/24/20  “No Waiting” (Christmas Eve)

12/20/20 “Waiting Like a Child”

12/13/20  “Witnesses Who Wait”

12/06/20  “While We Wait”

11/29/20  “Waiting for God’s Return”

11/25/20 Community Thanksgiving Eve Service

11/22/20  “I Spy”

11/15/20  “Many Happy Returns”

11/08/20  “This Has Not Changed”

11/01/20  “Then and Now”

10/25/20  “Longing to See God”

10/18/20  “The Left-Out Verses: Drawing Near”  (Watch on YouTube)

10/11/20  “The Left-Out Verses: Sabbath”   (Watch on YouTube)

10/04/20  “The Left-Out Verses: Legacy”   (Watch on YouTube)

09/27/20 (Guest Preacher)

09/20/20 (Guest Preacher)

09/13/20  “Rally ‘Round the R’s”  (Watch on YouTube)

09/06/20  “Walk Among the Trees”  (Watch on YouTube)

08/30/20  “God’s Passionate Love”   (Watch on YouTube)

08/23/20  “Love Song”   (Watch on YouTube)

08/16/20  “In God’s Hands”    (Watch on YouTube)

08/09/20  “Sooner or Later”     (Watch on YouTube)

08/02/20  “Sunshine for Eeyore”      (Watch on YouTube)

07/26/20  “Life Is Short and Then You…”      (Watch on YouTube)

07/19/20  “Whats in Your Wallet?”      (Watch on YouTube)

07/12/20  “What’s New?”      (Watch on YouTube)

07/05/20  “A More Perfect Union”      (Watch on YouTube)

06/28/20  “Birthday Gift”      (Watch on YouTube)

06/21/20  “Seeing and Being Seen, Hearing and Being Heard”      (Watch on YouTube)

06/14/20  “Kingdom Harvest”      (Watch on YouTube)

06/07/20  “Explaining the Unexplainable”      (Watch on YouTube)

05/31/20  “Describing the Indescribable”      (Watch on YouTube)

05/24/20  “Stay Tuned”      (Watch on YouTube)

05/17/20  “Common Ground”

05/10/20  “Living Stones”

05/03/20  “I Am the Gate”

04/26/20  “Be What You Are”      (Watch on YouTube)

04/19/20  “Jesus Came and Stood Among Them”       (Watch on YouTube)

04/12/20 (Easter)  “Cliffhanger”     (Watch on YouTube)

04/10/20  Good Friday “Virtual Tenebrae” Service of Scripture and Song

04/09/20 Holy (Maundy) Thursday Meditation and Prayer

04/05/20 (Palm Sunday)  “A Face in the Crowd”     (Watch on YouTube.)

03/29/20  “Some Reassembly Required”      (Watch on YouTube.)

03/22/20  “The Lord Is My Shepherd”      (Watch on YouTube.)

03/15/20  “Encounters with Jesus: Some Challengers”

03/08/20 “Encounters with Jesus: A Blind Man”

03/01/20 “Encounters with Jesus: A Rich Man” (Ron Myers, Lay Leader)

02/26/20 (Ash Wednesday) “First of All”

02/23/20  “Touched”

02/16/20  “Your Choice”

02/09/20  “Salt Content”

02/02/20  “This Changes Everything”

01/26/20  “Chosen”

01/19/20  “Where Are You Staying?”

01/12/19 “Jesus Stands with Us”

12/29/19 “Singing in a Strange Land”

12/24/19 (Christmas Eve)  “Lullaby”

12/22/19  “Songs of Advent: The Angels’ Song”

12/15/19  Songs of Advent: Mary’s Song”

12/08/19  “Songs of Advent: Zechariah’s Song”

12/01/19  “Songs of Advent: Elizabeth’s Song”

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