Faith and Society


We hope to host another talk on Alzheimer’s to help people cope with the disease and perhaps as a way to set up a ministry relating to it.  This is quite tentative at this point.  we hope to firms plans by 7 May.

For those who are interested in Christianity, these talks may be a a way to hear Christian discourse in a non church setting and be introduced to issues that we find to be a concern.

The is  a page of additional topics which at least interest the site adminstratior   with thumbnail summaries.  Please post other topics of interest pertain to the Christian and society.

The first talk we tried was on the Origins of Political Correctness by Richard Mann Ph.D  Friday April 22 at 7 pm  who  discussed what it is, who advocates it and how we should relate to it.  Like  many trends in society, opinions range from completely bad to completely good. For Christians, it necessary to learn, and use any parts which are true and resist the rest.

Richard Mann, hold a Phd.  from Princeton – He worked in industry fro most of his career. H is an active member of  Tremont Temple, Boston, the first  integrated church in america (1830s)


A later one will be on   on Faith and Science;You Have Options  by Ronald T Myers Ph.D

The Bible speaks almost exclusively about God, the relationship of God to mankind and the response of mankind to God. Authorship, purpose, holiness, repentance and destiny are the major themes. Instruction about science and technology is incidental at best and is too sparse to definitively base any significant teaching. At best on the basis of the Bible, we can say that creation of nature and mankind could have happened in some way but no definitive statement can be made solely on this basis. Noting John 21:25 we can extend the teaching that much more can be known about Jesus who walked on this earth emptied of his glory to idea that very much more can be known about His creative work in making the world and us while in all of His glory than we see in the two chapters of Genesis. Indeed, in these opening chapters, God’s authorship, goodness and relationship with man and nature are the paramount themes.

For these reasons science and faith need not collide, we do not need to rewrite the Bible to fit science or rewrite science to fit the Bible but we also should not connect any theology with science since todays science may be shown to be wrong in the future.